Bloodborne Getting DLC, Shuhei Yoshida Coy With Details

Jeff Williams

In perhaps an unsurprising tweet by Sony's Shuhei Yoshida, Bloodborne is most certainly going to be getting some kind of DLC in the future, though details are expectantly sparse at the moment.

Bloodborne to receive DLC at an unknown date in the future, says Sony.

Bloodborne was universally praised as a wonderful addition to the exclusive game catalogue for the PlayStation 4, and we ourselves even called it an exemplary Gothic masterpiece in our own review. The main story itself was certainly challenging enough and long enough, but the deep world within is just begging for more content.

Naturally Sony is being coy with the details, but perhaps we can expect at least a few juicy details to be revealed about the upcoming Bloodborne DLC at Sony's E3 conference this year. We can certainly hope.

What sort of new and exciting things would you want to see in future DLC for Bloodborne? We'd love to hear what ideas you have in the comments.

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