BlizzConline Schedule Released; Heavy on WoW and Diablo, Light on Overwatch and Strategy

BlizzCon BlizzConline

BlizzCon still can’t happen live and in person this year, but the all-digital BlizzConline is kicking off in just over a week, and Blizzard has released a schedule of what to expect. Over BlizzConline’s two days, fans can look forward to some potentially interesting World of Warcraft and Diablo IV info, but Overwatch, StarCraft, and Warcraft fans may be in for a disappointment.

The BlizzConline action will be split between five livestreams, devoted to World of Warcraft, Diablo, Hearthstone, Overwatch, and Strategy. The WoW stream includes some potentially interesting blocks, including a “World of Warcraft: What’s Next,” which will cover new content coming to the game, a deep dive into the development of the game, and a Q&A session with the game’s developers. Diablo is also getting a What’s Next, deep dive, and Q&A session, as well as a developer roundtable. Hearthstone gets a deep dive and a Q&A, but no block for any big announcements.

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On the less exciting side of the coin, Overwatch 2 is getting a behind the scenes featurette, and then the rest of the time it’s just interviews with the cast, and esports and community stuff. In other words, you shouldn’t expect any huge reveals. Strategy fans get even less to chew on, as it’s pretty much just an esports livestream for the two days.

Perhaps the BlizzConline lineup isn’t that surprising – Blizzard has increasingly become all about World of Warcraft in recent years and of their two upcoming projects, Diablo IV seems to be coming together much better than Overwatch 2, which we’ve heard almost nothing about. That said, don’t expect either game to arrive before 2022.

BlizzConline takes place on February 19 and 20 -- you can check out the full schedule here. What do you think? Will you be checkout out any of the streams? What will be revealed at the show?

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