Blizzard Wants Starcraft II To Remain “Exciting” And “Vibrant”


Legacy of the Void is the 3rd installment in the Starcraft II trilogy and according to lead producer Tim Morton, Blizzard is very eager to keep Starcraft II exciting and vibrant.

It’s a known fact that Blizzard has a solid track record for delivering titles that last at least a decade. Blizzard’s ‘World of Warcraft’ has been the top MMORPG since it released back in 2004. Although the game lost popularity over the years, the game still counts around 7 million subscribers.  Blizzard’s other franchise Diablo is a good example of how to keep a franchise alive and fresh.

In an interview with Gamespot, Blizzard’s lead producer Tim Morton talked about the campaign and features of Starcraft II – Legacy of the void.

When asked about future plans for Starcraft II, Morton replied that the team will keep working on the game:

We’re going to keep working on this product. Beyond the usual updates, multiplayer maps, patches, and fixes that we always do, we’re really intending to put more into the game. We’ll talk more about that in the future, but we’re not going to stop with StarCraft II.

The lead producer added that the Starcraft team wants to keep providing new content that the community can keep excited about:

We want to continue being responsive with the community; we want to continue providing content that the community can get excited about. We’re very much thinking about keeping StarCraft vibrant.

What do you think the future brings for Starcraft II? Will it last as long as Diablo and World of Warcraft did?