Blizzard raises 1.9M$ for Ebola Relief in Africa

Kimo Linder-Fattah

During Blizzcon last year Blizzard announced that by buying  their new purchasable pet 'Argi' between December the 3rd and December the 31st you would be supporting the Ebola Relief with the American Red Cross, since 100% of the  earnings during that time would go to the Red Cross and the Ebola Relief.

If you bought Argi you helped Blizzard fund the fight against Ebola

Blizzard announced today that they managed to raise a total of just over 1.9 Million $ during December the 3rd and December the 31st. Which is quite the nice sum of money going to charity.

"Bring home Argi today and support Ebola relief in the process. This impossibly cute little new pet will jump into your heart and nibble at your Blue Woolen Socks. She’s ready to help guide you through the savage lands of Draenor, climbing, swimming, and running wherever you go. For every Argi pet purchased between December 3 and December 31, 100% of the adoption fee ($10 in the US; pricing varies by region) will be donated in support of the American Red Cross to assist in Ebola relief efforts in Africa."

To me this is a pretty great thing, it's always nice to see certain companies try to show a charitable side, and it does go to show that the gaming culture isn't as bad as other main-stream media would have you believe. Obviously Blizzard could have donated more, then again they made 0% profits during the mentioned dates. You can still purchase the pet Argi, however the proceeds will no longer go to the Red Cross and the Ebola Relief.

"Thanks to the overwhelming generosity of World of Warcraft players around the world who purchased the Argi pet, we’ve raised a total of more than 1.9 million USD to support the ongoing Ebola relief efforts in Africa by the Red Cross. In December, we announced that for every Argi purchased by December 31, 2014, 100% of the adoption fee would be going to assist in aiding in the fight against this deadly disease -- and the community embraced this cute little intergalactic nibbler, helping out a great cause in the process. Thanks again to everyone who helped make a difference."

It's not the first time around Blizzard does something like this either, previous WoW charity pets have been sold to raise money for Japanese earthquake and tsunami relief efforts, and the Make-A-Wish Foundation. More companies should really try and do charitable things, not just in the Games-Industry but in the Hardware-Industry as well, it happens from time to time, but it could be happening way more often in all honesty.

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