Bleszinski: Microsoft Probably Feels Offended & Rejected For Not Bringing LawBreakers to Xbox First


Lawbreakers creator Cliff Bleszinski talks about the possibility of bringing the shooter to the Xbox One, but believes that Microsoft probably feels offended and rejected for not considering their console as launch platform.

The multiplayer shooter from Gears of War designer Cliff Bleszinski was released earlier this year for both PlayStation 4 and PC, but recent player-figures for the game have been disappointingly low. In a new interview with GameSpot, Bleszinski talks about his decision to release the game on PS4 and PC first, and a possible Xbox One version in the future.

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Being the lead designer on the first three Gears of War installments, releasing LawBreakers on Xbox might have been the logical thing to do, but according to Bleszinski, the PS4’s install base convinced them to release LawBreakers on Sony's console first.

Gravity defying action in LawBreakers

“And in regards to considering doing an Xbox version. I'd love to, but there's still other discussions that need to be had”, he told Gamespot. “And I think, you look at Xbox ... from my prior work, and I think they felt miffed and kind of rejected, that we chose PlayStation, but for us it was just a matter of install based for PlayStation at the time, and then considering we'd see for Xbox down the line.”

He added that if the team would consider releasing LawBreakers on another platform, they would consider Xbox first, instead of porting the game to the Nintendo Switch.

“We would probably consider the Xbox first, and then we're very much in wait and see mode right now. It is a fine console, the Switch.”

Do you feel that LawBreakers might have performed better on Xbox? Do you believe that Destiny 2 has affected LawBreaker’s player numbers? Hit the comments down below.

LawBreakers was released for both PC and PlayStation 4 back in August of this year.