BlackWidow Ultimate Gaming Keyboard Announced by Razer.

Aug 18, 2010

Razer has announced its upcoming BlackWidow Ultimate Keyboard which is built to deliver the best performance in Gaming. The BlackWidow Ultimate is also the very first keyboard to introduce illumination. The Mechanical Keyboard Name is given to it because each key has its own mechanical switch as compared to the standard keyboards which use a common plastic printed circuit membrane with rubber dome switches. The Mechanical Keys provide better control's and maneuverability. The Keybaord comes with the standard 102-key US layout, other than that razer has also included a few special and macro-bound keys which can be accessed through a software which is included with the Keyboard. The keys along with the Razer Badge on the Keyboard is illuminated blue.

Razer has also introduced a standard variant of the BlacWidow which comes without the Illumination feature. The BlacWidow Ultimate is expected to be priced around $129 in the US while the standard variant will go for $79.99.