Black Ops bringing Dead Ops

Nov 3, 2010

One of the better features of Modern Warfare 2 was the Spec Ops campaign which WHILE challenging added more value to the game FOR SURE, the game mode was spectacular and if played with a friend could lead to hours of fun. And now Treyarch is bringing something similar to Black Ops, a new co op game mode which will be called Dead Ops, although the video deeply disappoints me

The game looks more like Valve’s Alien Swarm, which is really disappointing I was hoping of something more along the lines of an FPS based gameplay rather than eye in the sky view which is kind of not fun (for me at least) I can always fall back on Zombie mode and the Multiplayer of the game but considering that this mode also yields some pretty nice trophies I will definitely be compelled to give the game mode a go, and maybe end up liking it, I hope there is online connectivity so that I can invite friends to play with me otherwise a local game play would be very lame.