No Black Ops Beta: Activision


Every game eventually goes into a closed/open beta stage where gamers can hop on board an exclusive list and get their hands on the multiplayer experience of a game before any one else, Halo: Reach did it recently but now Activision has shot down any and all rumors of their being a Black Ops Beta, which means no one will get a taste of the game until after the release date.

A big mistake on Activisions end I would say, how are they to know if the game is suitable for public release or not if they don't have beta user feed back? gamers really help in improving games during the beta stages of the game but Activision has decided to skip that part of the game release cycle. Apparently the only beta users are from inside the company i.e from within the company itself (weren't they doing that already?)

I just hope this doesn't end in the final game being a total disaster there can be serious repercussions to this decisions, hardcore gamers are the only ones who can decide if the game is well balanced or not, whether the weapons are over powered or not and other such vital features which are integral to the games multiplayer value without the feed back of the public can we be sure that this game will be a success? I am definitely sure forums across the internet will complain of balance issues or the other in the release of the game.

Only time will tell whether I am right or wrong.

Source: CVG