Black Friday 2018 Deal: Samsung 128GB microSD Card for $19.99, 256GB for $44.99


Need cheap, high-capacity microSD cards? Samsung's early Black Friday 2018 sale has you covered today then.

Get a High-Speed 128GB microSD Card from Samsung for $19.99, 256GB for $44.99

Although many high-end flagships smartphones and tablets are moving towards storage that is not expandable, but there are a huge number of devices still that accept a microSD card. If you're out on a hunt today for a microSD card only, then you will be pleased to learn that you can pick up a high-capacity and ultra fast one from Samsung at a surprisingly low price.

First thing's first, these cards are pretty solid when it comes to capacity - one is a 128GB option while the other is 256GB, giving you plenty of space to store photos, videos or just for safe-keeping your personal data. The 128GB model usually retails for a price of $41.99 whereas the 256GB one goes for $84.99. Now, when you compare this price to the discounted one, then you immediately realize that this is a straight-up 50% discount, making it a very insane deal and a hot one at that.

Both these cards are Class 10 UHS 3, which means that they will play nicely with any sort of device including a high-performance drone that is capable of recording 4K UHD footage. You can expect up to 100MB/s of write speeds from this with reads being even higher. Things are topped off with the fact that both these cards come with an SD card adapter so you have the complete versatility of using them on multiple devices whether they support microSD only or the larger SD format.

So, what are you waiting for then? Head over to the links below and grab this deal right away.