New Black Desert Update Offers 120FPS Support on PlayStation 5

black desert update ps5 120fps

A new Black Desert update is being deployed, adding 120fps support for PlayStation 5 players.

The brand-new update for the fantasy MMORPG introduces the new awakened Drakania class alongside Family Fame improvements, in-game coupon systems, and various other changes. One of those other changes is support for framerates up to 120fps for supported displays. Xbox Series X players could already enjoy the game at higher framerates.

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We’ve included some of the patch notes down below, but we suggest reading the full notes here.

Black Desert Update July 27 Release Notes



  • Drakania Awakening is playable for newly created Drakania trial characters!

- If you had created a Trial Drakania before, you will need to create a new Drakania trial character to play in her Awakening state.

  • Flame's Calling

- Changed to now cause your summoned minion to disappear if you switch to equip a matchlock after using the skill.


  • Earth's Calling

- Changed to now cause your summoned minion to disappear if you switch to equip a matchlock after using the skill.


  • The Finto's Juice x5 that you can obtain from Season Leveling Aid Boxes has been changed to [Season] Finto's Juice (Large) x1.


  • The questline for the Blood-eyed Earrings and the Blood-eyed Visor has been slightly adjusted..
  • Added an additional means to learn the "Basilisk Statue" knowledge:

- "Basilisk Statue" knowledge can now also be obtained by talking to Rahim, the Basilisk Den Node Manager.


  • Fixed the text that displays when pressing certain buttons during cutscenes.
  • Fixed some of the opening tutorial objective descriptions.


  • For Campsites, the default snapping position for the repair function has been changed.


  • PlayStaton 5 consoles can now enjoy Black Desert up to 120 fps.
  • The memory usage of the World Map has been improved.


  • Added an in-game coupon registration function in the [Adventurer Support] category.

- This will allow you to register coupons without having to go to the website.


  • Fixed the issue of a specific location background in Waragon Cave showing weirdly.
  • Fixed the issue of a background of Gyfin Rhasia Temple showing weirdly.

Black Desert Online is available now for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PlayStation 5, iOS, Android, Xbox Series X|S, and PC.

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