Black Desert Online Celebrates One Year With a Look Back


Here's to another year of questing. Black Desert Online takes a trip down memory lane as it celebrates one year anniversary.

This week the Dark Knight class became playable. Dark Knights use dark magic attacks and a powerful two-handed sword. This is just one of the major content updates Black Desert Online has received during it's first year.

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Kakao Games released a handy infograph showing comparing the stats for European and North American players. Here's a list of all the major content updates that come to Black Desert Online this year alone:

  • Mediah Part One Expansion - Increased world size by 30%
  • Mediah Part Two Expansion - Added pirate-themed islands
  • Valencia Part One Expansion - Another 30% world increased
  • Valencia Part Two Expansion - Added the Land of Outlaws
  • Class Awakenings
  • Dark Knight Class
  • Ninja and Kunoichi Classes
  • Musa and Maehwa Classes
  • Margoria Expansion - Naval Guild Battles

Black Desert Online is out now on PC. From now until March 12 Travelers Packages will discount 30% and Explorer's Package is going for 50% off.

Any existing Black Desert Online players will receive 20% discount coupons for use in the in-game Pearl Shop. We rated the game 8/10 in our review, commenting on how Black Desert Online's post-launch support is really what sets the MMORPG above the rest.

Black Desert Online is the most refreshingly unique MMO around. Introducing many new game mechanics and ways to play in a world that’s so exquisitely designed, with characters, building, monsters and even the weather all working together to make the best looking MMO to have ever been released, BDO is only really let down by the game’s unwillingness and/or inability to properly explain its mechanics. The post-launch updates have been great so far and there’s no reason to think the game won’t keep improving.