Black Desert Beta Out Now on Xbox One, Enhanced for XB1X with 4K HDR; Size Is 23.65GB

As announced recently, the Black Desert beta is out now on Xbox One. You can download it for free via the Microsoft Store, though an active Xbox Live Gold subscription will be required to play. The game is also listed as Xbox One X Enhanced with the 4K Ultra HD and HDR10 tags, though detailed specifics on the enhancements haven't been provided yet by the developers at Pearl Abyss.

The Black Desert Beta will be available for only a few days, though. Servers will be open until November 12th at 11:59 PM PST.

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We reviewed Black Desert Online when it came out on PC a couple years ago, in case you're eager to learn more about it. The game has since reached ten million players and is about to get a full-fledged mobile port as well. Below we've added a fact sheet from Pearl Abyss recapping all the major features of Black Desert.


  • Incredible graphics
    Black Desert’s stunning graphics comes from the custom proprietary engine


  • Most advanced yet user-friendly customization tools
    Create unique characters with an unrivaled character customization tool.
    Incredibly precise and sophisticated character creation tool allowing players to create a true representation of themselves
  • Intense Combat
    Spectacular skills which are unique to each class.
    Free-flowing combination based combat allowing players to take full control of their battles.
    Adrenaline-fueled PvP and Co-op modes
    Engage in node wars to control the trade routes, or team up to take down epic world bosses
  • Explore an open world that’s vast and unpredictable
    With no loading screens between regions, the world feels huge and open.
    Discover unique monsters and devastating human factions scattered across the world of Black Desert.
  • Purchase housing, decorate the space and fully immerse yourself in the Black Desert world
  • Pet System - Own, feed, and hunt with pets
  • Relaxing life skills such as fishing, gathering, mining, farming and horse taming.



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