Bioware Responds to Fans Regarding the Future of Dragon Age & Mass Effect


Bioware addressed some fan questions recently, providing some interesting thoughts regarding the future of some their most beloved franchises. They were asked whether Dragon Age and Mass Effect would end or if they intended to keep “cranking them out” as long as they are selling.



Mark Darrah replied, “don’t have a sunset planned for the Dragon Age franchise at this time”

Aaryn Flynn, then replied to the “cranking out” remark,

Yeah I don’t know about “cranking out as long as they keep selling”. EVENTUALLY these things just get fatigued and need to rest until people are prepared to carry that torch again. By the same token, there’s a cycle to entertainment – if you’d told me 10 years ago that there would be a healthy resurgence of isometric RPGs (Pillars of Eternity, more Baldur’s Gate, and more), I’d have said you were crazy! But here we are, and I’m glad I was wrong.

In response as to why they chose to use the Frostbite engine, and the possibility of mods for their games, Creative Director Mike Laidlaw stated:

Frostbite presents many technical hurdles. We would like to explore mod-capability in the future, but given the number of games that use this engine, it is a very long and involved discussion.

These are good news for fans of the Dragon Age franchise, and given the awards Dragon Age Inquisition has received this year, it should come to no surprise. It's nice to know there is a huge lore that can expand many more iterations, and evolve into something even deeper and vast.

The possibility of mods for Bioware games is questionable but it seems that the team might be open to it at some point. Frostbite is a very capable engine, although Mike Laidlaw mentioned some technical hurdles. While we are not aware of what he might be referring to, there might be a chance that they are not completely satisfied working with the engine. Of course, EA uses the Frostbite engine for most of their titles, apart from their sport sims, which use their Ignite engine.

Next month at the Star Wars Celebration event, we will get to witness the first gameplay footage for Star Wars Battlefront, which also uses the Frostbite engine, and from the response of people who have already seen it should look incredible.

We will keep you informed with any new information that becomes available from Bioware, including development updates for Mass Effect, as well as all the new information and footage for Star Wars Battlefront from DICE. In the meantime be sure to check out our coverage on the new Mass Effect, here and here.




Source: DualShockers