Bethesda tells all in their E3 line up

Bethesda has finally detailed their upcoming E3 games line up, which will include lots of time with their upcoming and highly anticipated Splash Damage shooter, Brink. The publisher will also showcase Fallout: New Vegas, Hunted and a brand new presentation of id FPS, Rage.

A company spokesperson told CVG: "We're excited to announce that in addition to offering hands-on time with Brink, a ground breaking shooter being developed at Splash Damage, Fallout: New Vegas, the next chapter in the blockbuster Fallout franchise being developed at Obsidian Entertainment, and Hunted, a third-person co-op fantasy action game being developed at inXile Entertainment, we'll also be showing off a new presentation of RAGE, the new first-person shooter being developed by id Software!"

With E3 drawing closer and closer i can't wait to see the line up for all platform games from all the big companies, E3 is perhaps the biggest yearly event every hardcore console or pc gamer looks forward to hear about their most wanted games and even some new games. After Computex; E3 is my 2nd most favorite event to follow. I hope other developers do not disappoint us.


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