Bethesda Teases Fallout 4 With Landing Page and Timer

Bethesda has some of the best franchises at their disposal, with Fallout being one of them. Now they've gone and set up a landing page with a counter using the famous test pattern that nearly defines the Fallout series. Fallout 4 is on the way, and tomorrow we might just get some very interesting details

Fallout 4, or another entry into the Fallout franchise is on the way, with more info of some kind confirmed for tomorrow.

Earlier today Bethesda posted a link on their official Twitter with a shortened link and a picture of the 1940's test pattern that they use in their Fallout series. The link of course ends up on a splash page on the official Fallout site, featuring a countdown timer due to expire tomorrow at 10AM EST. Presumably something is getting revealed tomorrow, what exactly it could be is obviously unknown, however. But Fallout 4? Yes please.

The guess is that this is going to end up being a small teaser for what they intend to bring to E3. But it could be the official announcement of Fallout 4 ahead of the big event. Anything is possible at this point because we don't really know much. We do know that Bethesda is very fond of the Fallout series, and always intended to continue the story in some way. Leaks do suggest, however, that it might be set in Boston. Other than that, the entire Internet has been mum on any further details.

Stay tuned, or please stand by, for any further information. Hopefully this is precisely the Fallout 4 we're looking for. The setting is ripe for all kinds of fantastic stories, so the specifics have the potential to be exciting no matter what they are. Here's hoping that Fallout 4 is a PC timed exclusive as well.



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