Bethesda Confirms Skyrim Creation Kit with a “Special Surprise” Arriving Tomorrow


Bethesda's Vice President, Pete Hines confirmed through a tweet that Skyrim's Creation Kit along with a Special Surprise would arrive on the PC tomorrow.

"For our Skyrim PC fans, the Creation Kit is on track for release on Tuesday. And, we also have a special surprise with it"

The Skyrim Creation kit would be coupled with Valve's Steam workshop which would allow easier access for players to display their Mods, Addons on Steam. The displayed mods can also be downloaded directly through steam for Skyrim without any additional hassle and the community can vote for their favorite mods to sort them out.

As far as the surprise goes, It could be the rumored High Resolution Texture pack which was spotted a few days ago. The Creation Kit arrives on Steam on Tuesday February 7th.