The Year in Virtual Photography: The Most Beautiful UHD In-Game PC Screenshots of 2014

Among many other things in the gaming industry, 2014 has been a year of resolutions and frame rates. While the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One consoles have started to perform better now that video game developers are slowly exploring the offerings of the eighth generation video game consoles, PC gaming has also seen a significant expansion in 2014. From Steam Machines to latest high-end hardware and 4K monitors, these are some of the advancements that allowed PC enthusiasts to test the limits of almost all of the multiplatform games that launched on the most powerful platform of all time in 2014. Head down to check out some of the best video game moments of 2014 captured in screenshots.

Here are Some of the Best Ultra-High-Definition In-Game PC Screenshots Captured in 2014

2014 has been a long and interesting year for pretty video games. The latest PlayStation 4 and Xbox One consoles that once looked so new now seem to dominate the eight generation of video games with a decent, if not huge, lineup of third as well as first-party video game titles. PC gaming, on the other hand, unlike many thought so, is only expanding its roots in the market, with video game developers now realizing the potential that it holds. With all the new technology and ultra-high-definition resolutions to toy with, PC gamers did some distinctive stuff by modding years old games and maxing out the new ones up to 4 and 8K resolutions.

To commemorate the pretty video games of 2014 and all those pixels, PCGamer put together a collection of images including the most graphically impressive and beautiful in-game PC screenshots captured in 2014. There are, of course, many more screenshots captured by PC enthusiasts in downsampled 4 and 8K resolutions that can be included in this gallery, so if you think you have a screenshot that deserves a place in this gallery, do share it with us. You can check out some of the best gaming moments of 2014 below.

Middle-Earth: Shadow of Mordor

Game developed by Monolith| Taken with the built-in hudless screenshot capture| 7680x4320

Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare

Game developed by Sledgehammer | Screenshot taken with MSI Afterburner | 5120x2880

Far Cry 4

Game developed by Ubisoft Montreal | Taken with the built-in camera | 5120x2880

NBA 2K2015

Game developed by Visual Concepts | Taken with MSI Afterburner | 5120x2880

Dragon Age: Inquisition

Game developed by BioWare | Screenshot taken using Cinematic Tools | 5120x2560

Lords of the Fallen

Game developed by CI Games and Deck 13 Interactive | 7680x4320

The Vanishing of Ethan Carter

Game developed by The Astronauts | Screenshots taken with MSI Afterburner | 7680x3241

Watch Dogs: Bad Blood DLC

Game developed by Ubisoft Montreal | Screenshot taken using Cheat Engine | 5760x2880

You can head over to PCGamer to watch more in-game PC screenshots in 4 and 8K resolution.


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