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Best Screenshot Contest – Free Far Cry 5 Giveway



A winner has been selected.  Thank you to everyone who participated and voted. The winner of the Far Cry 5 Key, and the artist behind the Best Screenshot is: Alexander Yordanov

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"This is a scene from the Witcher 3: Blood and Wine. Near the ghetto district of Beauclair where the vendors of paint can be found. I think it is good looking because it shows an obviously poorer part of the city but gives it so much colour and personality. Seeing the vats where they prepare the paint is joyous and having other tools and items around the area be painted playfully shows character.

In a sense it is the festive beauty of poor people doing art or just having fun. One that is human and goes for even the rich city part of Beauclair. That is why I liked it.
No mods, though I have edited the ini for higher settings myself. I tweaked the shadows and tessellation factors as well as some LOD settings."

Original Article Starts Here:

“Images are an art form. Taking good screenshots, with amazing composition and interesting content is a key part of gaming culture. It allows us gamers to share epic moments, funny bugs, or gorgeous graphics and art design. People say that a picture is worth a thousand words, and a great image is no exception. Today we celebrate the art of the video game screenshot in all its beautiful glory.” Alexander Yordanov

The Best Screenshot Contest

Here we are, a new community event with an actual prize at the end. Don't worry, you can't (or probably shouldn't) buy your way to a win here. Simply submit your most creative, beautiful, catchy, bizarre, horrifying screenshot right here in the comment section and let the community critique it!

There’s are no requirements regarding layout, concept, resolution, or anything of that nature.  Feel free to tweak, correct, or beautify photos in Photoshop (or any other sub-par photo-editing  software).  Just make sure you shot is memorable because it may be worth 1 FREE Far Cry 5 Game Key (For the PC only… Sorry Blah boy).

The Rules

Just keep it classy please.  Nothing inappropriate or gross, as such images will be removed and will have no chance of being selected as our Big Winner. Please use original content and enjoy!

In the end, the most beautiful, the most epic, most incredible photo will be selected and the owner of said screenshot will win our grand prize (complements of Fister), a shiny new Far Cry 5 game key!  Free! Submissions end 24 hours after this article is posted.

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