Best MagSafe Accessories You Can Buy for iPhone 12, iPhone 12 Pro [List]

Some of the best MagSafe accessories you can buy for iPhone 12 lineup

These are the best MagSafe compatible accessories for iPhone 12 mini, iPhone 12, iPhone 12 Pro and iPhone 12 Pro Max you can buy right now.

Expand the MagSafe Ecosystem with these Handy Accessories for Home and Car - All Compatible with iPhone 12 Lineup

While MagSafe hasn't quite taken off properly just yet, nonetheless we are seeing some weird and wonderful accessories already in the market. There are cases, car vent mounts, power banks, all designed to work with MagSafe and today we will highlight the accessories which we think deserve the spotlight.

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MagSafe Compatible Car Charger

Just stick your iPhone 12 on this and you're charging up instantly. But wait, even if you don't want to charge your phone, it will still double up as a car mount.

Buy WAITIEE MagSafe Compatible Car Charger - $32.99

MagSafe Compatible Car Mount

Why deal with clamps and buttons when you can just stick your phone using the power of magnets? Plug in the Lightning cable if you want to charge up while mounted.

Buy Quarable MagSafe Compatible Car Mount - $16.99

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MagSafe Stand

If you already have Apple's MagSafe charger with you, just mount it inside this stand and you now have something which can keep your phone upright on a table. All for just under $15.

Buy Poitcto MagSafe Compatible Stand - $13.90

MagSafe Power Bank

Just stick this on the back of your iPhone 12 and you will start charging up instantly. No cables needed.

Buy MagSafe Power Bank - $29.99

MagSafe Wallet

Why put money or bank cards in your wallet when you can just stick it on the back of your iPhone, right?

Buy MagSafe Wallet - $21.95

Apple MagSafe Charger

We can't just keep on adding stuff to this list without giving a shoutout to the official Apple MagSafe Charger, can we?

Buy Apple MagSafe Charger - $39

MagSafe Kickstand

This is basically a wireless charger with a kickstand that attaches using MagSafe. But, it can just be a kickstand if you like. Just don't plug in the USB cable.

Buy MagSafe Kickstand - $15.99

MagSafe Compatible Pop Base

Attach the base to your iPhone 12 using MagSafe and then attach your favorite PopSocket on top.

Buy MagSafe Compatible Pop Base - $15.99

MagSafe Compatible Qi Charger

Way cheaper than Apple's own MagSafe charger, this will latch onto your iPhone 12 using magnets. No super perfect alignment necessary to charge up.

Buy MagSafe Compatible Qi Charger - $24.99

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