Download: Beats Fit Pro Firmware 4E64 Now Available


Apple has just released firmware update 4E64 for its Beats Fit Pro true wireless earphones. The update is available over the air.

New 4E64 Firmware Update Now Available to Download for Beats Fit Pro, Update from Previous 4B65

The Beats Fit Pro have been around for a while now and Apple has released a new firmware update for it, pushing it to version 4E64, which is an upgrade over the previous 4B65.

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Just like updates which Apple pushes for AirPods, there is no way to manually download it. But, legend has it that if you connect the Beats Fit Pro to a charger and connect them to your iPhone or iPad, then the update may be expedited as long as you’re connected to the internet, of course. Whatever you do, the update will be installed onto your earbuds, so you do not have to worry about that.

What’s more interesting here is the fact that there is no feature list or changelog. If you were wondering what is new in this update, Apple doesn’t say either and there is no way to find out either.

But, there you have it, a new firmware is in town that should improve the functionality of the Beats Fit Pro.

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