Battlestar Galactica Deadlock Is A Strategy Game Due This Summer on PC & Consoles

Alessio Palumbo

Slitherine and Black Lab Games just announced Battlestar Galactica Deadlock, a strategy game scheduled to launch this summer on PC and consoles.

That's right, you will be able to defend the Twelve Colonies during the First Cylon War. Paul Turbett, Managing Director of Black Lab Games, said:

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Everyone at Black Lab Games is a big fan of Battlestar Galactica. Our main goal is to give the vast community of fans and followers a game that is deeply rooted in the franchise’s values. We are creating a game that tells new stories, but with familiar places, events and characters. And all of it will be captured in the depth that our strategy game will offer.

JD McNeil, Chairman of the Slitherine group, added:

Battlestar Galactica Deadlock is one of the most exciting projects we have ever worked on. The Battlestar Galactica universe has an incredibly loyal following and very high expectations. As a publisher, we understand what it means to work on a project that has to please a specific audience while delivering a deep strategic experience.

You can check out an overview of the main features as well as the announcement trailer below.

  • Battlestar Galactica Deadlock takes you into the heart of the First Cylon War, to fight epic 3D battles that will test your tactical prowess.
  • Take control of the Colonial Fleet from the bridge of the mobile shipyard, Daidalos, and free the Twelve Colonies from the Cylon threat. Build your fleets, protect the Quorum alliance and prepare to dig deeper into the conspiracies of this heroic conflict.
  • Design and build fleets of powerful capital ships. Recruit officers to protect the Twelve Colonies. From the Manticore corvette to the mighty Jupiter class Battlestar, you won’t be short on firepower.
  • Continue the legacy of Battlestar GalacticaT with new characters and familiar faces, in an original story set during the First Cylon War. Launch Viper squadrons and Raptor scouts and jump the Galactica in to dominate the battlefield. An authentic Battlestar GalacticaT experience awaits.
  • Intense tactical space battles in full 3D. Give commands to your fleet of capital ships and watch the explosive results play out in pause-able real-time across beautiful, 4K supported environments.
  • From the bridge of the Daidalos shipyard, you will command the entire Colonial Fleet. Build up your forces and jump them across the quaternary solar system of Cyrannus. Keep the Colonies safe and the Quorum of Twelve unified, lest the alliance break and introduce a new age of Cylon dominance.
  • Prepare to face relentless opposition. Defend against squadrons of Cylon Raiders and missile salvos from Basestars. Trust in your marines to fight off Centurion boarding parties, while your firewalls slow down the hacking attacks of the Wardriver electronic fighters. Unlock blueprints for new ships, munitions, and squadrons to help defeat your tireless foe.
  • Experience Battlestar multiplayer like never before! Outwit your opponent in fierce 1-v-1 fleet battles.

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