Battlefield V Post-Launch Roadmap Revealed, Firestorm Battle Royale Set for March 2019

Battlefield V

EA and DICE have revealed all the additional Battlefield V content on the way between launch and March of 2019. Players have quite a bit to look forward to, including a new German-focused War Story, The Last Tiger, and the new Combined Arms and Firestorm battle royale modes. You can check out the full roadmap for Battlefield V’s Tides of War live service, below (click on the image for full resolution).

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As you can see, the first four months of Tides of War content will be split up into three chapters, Overture, Lightning Strikes, and Trial by Fire. Here’s a more detailed description of what you can expect from each:

Chapter 1: Overture (early December)

Overture brings the Panzerstorm map, where the German mechanized war machine plunges into Belgium, smashing into Allied defensive forces. On this tank-focused arena, you’ll roll across ridges, ditches, and elevated roads with a massive force of armor, carving a path of destruction through the countryside.

The first chapter also lets you take on an addition to our single-player War Stories: The Last Tiger. In it, a lone Tiger Tank crew begins to question the ideology that got them to this point.

During this period, we’ll add the initial iteration of Practice Range to Battlefield V. A seat of learning or just messing around, this area will contain trials to work on your shooting, driving, and flying. You'll get to explore Vehicle Customization when Chapter 1 starts, too. Stand out on the battlefield with stunning tank skins and make your mark on the skies with plane skins and nose art decals.

The Overture brings weekly events and rewards that will keep highlighting the finer details of Battlefield V gameplay. Each event brings a series of challenges that lets you earn new Tides of War rewards. Also, look forward to the rewards for each time you level up your chapter rank.

Chapter 2: Lightning Strikes (January – March)

Lightning Strikes focuses on vehicle warfare and rapid infantry movement. The chapter brings to life the fear created by the Axis war machine through original content and challenges built around vehicle play.

Combined Arms: Join forces with up to three friends and take on the co-op experience of Combined Arms. In a series of Combat Strike missions across several maps, you and your squad will fight against AI components in various challenges.

During the chapter, two game modes will be added to Battlefield V. A revamped Rush is one of them. Say goodbye to MCOM stations and hello to bombs as you take on this classic, only available during Lightning Strikes. Speaking of classic modes, in Squad Conquest, you’ll take on the most iconic way to play Battlefield – but in a more intense way. Only 16 players – two squads per team – will fight for map domination.

Chapter 3: Trial By Fire (Starting In March)

Battle Royale comes to Battlefield with Firestorm and the war reaches Greece as the third Tides of War chapter is unleashed in the Spring.

Firestorm: During spring, DICE and Criterion start the fire with Battlefield V’s battle royale experience. Firestorm elevates the mode by bringing in the best of what Battlefield is known for. Mix a shrinking playing field with trademark Battlefield elements such as team play, powerful vehicles, and destruction, and you get many unique Battlefield moments coming your way.

Greece map: Join a massive aerial invasion on the Cretan coast. The Allied side is desperate to cling to the island under attack by the Axis, attempting to break through the British defenses air superiority and paratroops. This map brings a power struggle between tank control versus air superiority.

It’s a bit vexing that some of this stuff won’t be available at launch, still, this is a pretty healthy-looking roadmap, and, unlike in the past, all the content is free. DICE promises to keep the new stuff coming after March – we’ll see if they can keep up this sort of pace.

Battlefield V storms onto PC, Xbox One, and PS4 on November 20.

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