Battlefield V Reportedly Includes Co-op, Campaign will be Broken into Multiple Stories

The Battlefield information hose has been unleashed, and it seems there’s no turning it off. EA has officially confirmed a new Battlefield game is coming in 2018, and last week VentureBeat reported the game would be titled Battlefield V and set during World War II. Since then, Kotaku added some details about the game’s microtransactions, and the leaks don’t stop there.

Apparently, a poster on the Discord community channel for YouTuber (and Battlefield insider) Drakesden  has leaked some new Battlefield V info, with some bits being more believable than others. In response, VentureBeat has waded back into the fray, confirming some of the Discord leaker’s details, and refuting/clarifying others, using their own sources. Of course, take this new info with a grain of salt, but VentureBeat is a pretty rock-solid source.

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Arguably the biggest revelation, is that Battlefield V (that name could still change, by the way) will feature the return of co-op. Currently, co-op is restricted to specific randomly-generated Conquest missions, but word is that DICE may expand the scope. Could a full co-op campaign happen? DICE has done it before!

Next up, a point of clarification – according to the Discord leaker, Battlefield V will focus solely on the German side of the war, but VentureBeat reports that isn’t true. Instead, the game is said to have an episodic structure similar to Battlefield 1, with players taking control of different characters in a variety of theaters around the world. The similarities to Battlefield 1 won’t end there – DICE is aiming to carry that game’s look, feel, and general approach forward.

Finally, one more little tidbit – apparently, Battlefield V will take a page from Rainbow Six Siege and allow players to go prone on their backs. It’s a small thing, but extra maneuverability is always appreciated!

What are your thoughts on the latest leaks? I’m a big co-op fan, so I’m always happy to hear about it being included. That said, I'm not sure I really loved Battlefield 1's bite-sized mini campaigns.

The next Battlefield will launch on PC, Xbox One, and PS4 in late 2018.

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