Battlefield V Chapter 6 Gets a Trailer and Details, New “Year 2 Edition” Now Available

Battlefield V

EA and DIC have pulled the curtain back on Battlefield V: Into the Jungle, the sixth chapter in the game’s Tides of War live service. Like the previous Tides of War chapter, Into the Jungle focuses on the Pacific War with the new lush, close-quarters Solomon Islands map, as well as the usual array of new weapons, vehicles and Elite characters. Check out a trailer for Into the Jungle, below.

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Here’s the full rundown of everything you get with Into the Jungle:

New Map: Solomon Islands – In this close-quarters map you’ll fight through a jungle environment where you never know what’s lurking around the riverbend, by the dark mangroves, or in the hidden bunkers. Whether you’re launching an American attack or defending the Japanese lines, the terrain can be your best friend – or your worst enemy.

Rivers and marshes block the path for infantry and tanks, but savvy soldiers can make the bottlenecks work for them. You’ll charge through narrow paths winding through dense jungle and fight over covered strongholds. We’ve designed Solomon Islands for intimate jungle infantry combat combined with land and sea vehicle warfare.

New Weapons and Gadgets - For the Support class, we have the Type 11 LMG and the Model 37 shotgun, which should cater to your mid- and short distance needs. Assault players will be able to unlock the M2 Carbine, an agile and fully automatic rifle great for clearing the jungles.

On the Gadget side, we find the Assaults’ vehicle-busting M1A1 Bazooka. This is a supreme anti-tank tool at long range, but you might want to use another tactic when you’re up close. The devastating Lunge Mine Gadget will arrive with Chapter 6, too. Assault and Support players can use this unique tool to counter enemy tanks.

Deploy as New Elites

  • Misaki Yamashiro - Focused and unrelenting, Misaki is a highly skilled assault specialist. Despite her young age, she’s experienced in jungle and tropical theaters of war. Misaki’s truly deadly in close quarters, where she wields a Commando Machete as her signature melee weapon. This Elite will be unlockable in a unique way. Instead of purchasing Misaki in the Armory, earn Chapter Rank to unlock her as a Chapter Reward. Reach Chapter Rank 40 before Chapter 6 ends and deploy as this fierce warrior.
  • Steve Fisher - When Steve’s not chasing down enemy fighters in the air, you’ll likely find him quoting his favorite film stars. This fearless but light-hearted pilot embraces combat as if there was never any danger to his life. Steve has a habit of finding himself in underdog situations, where he often makes good use of his melee weapon, the Knuckle Duster.
  • Akira Sakamoto - Young and excited. Though these are Akira’s main traits, he always wants to do the best job and follows orders to a T. He’s known for being in the right place at the right time when his wingmen need him. An accomplished Zero pilot, Akira has exceptional reflexes and ingenuity and has a repurposed Control Stick ripped from a destroyed airplane to function as a deadly melee weapon.

Of course, Into the Jungle will offer up new battle-pass-style rankings (40 in total) and cosmetic goodies to earn. EA will also be selling a Chapter 6 Premium Booster Pack for around $20 that will let you rank up quicker.

Finally, in other news, EA has announced the new Battlefield V: Year 2 Edition, which includes all year one weapons and vehicles, a selection of the “most popular” weapon/vehicle skins, and two Epic soldier outfits. Battlefield V: Year 2 Edition will set you back $50 (the standard edition of the game currently goes for $40).

Battlefield V is available now on PC, Xbox One, and PS4. Chapter 6: Into the Jungle kicks off on February 6.

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