Battlefield Hardline Getting New Game Mode Shown at Gamescom

The lead multiplayer designer for Battlefield Hardline, Thaddeus Sasser is going to show off a "sweet new game mode" at Gamescom while he's there next month.

Robbery, a new game mode for Battlefield Hardline, will be revealed at GamesCom next month.

The second DLC for Battlefield Hardline is going to have more than just new weapons and maps. An entirely new game mode centered around, and this may be a stretch, robbing something from someone or somewhere. There isn't much information available yet, but we'll have all the great details as soon they're officially revealed at GamesCom.

This DLC is scheduled for release this summer and is the second of four that are scheduled. The Getaway DLC will be coming to us in the Fall and the Betrayal DLC is scheduled for a release sometime early in 2016.

Battlefield Hardline hasn't seen quite the reception that the previous games have. Even Battlefield 4 during its initial release retained a large number of players. The premise isn't necessarily too far from the original aim of the series, but seems to have grown far less quickly in its user-base.

What are your thoughts on Battlefield Hardline? Do you find enjoyment in it?

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