New Battlefield 4 Content Free For Everyone, Not Just Premium Subscribers


DICE has just done something rather generous, well sort of. They've let BFCentral know that all future DLC for Battlefield 4 will actually be free to everyone and not just premium subscribers.

All future Battlefield 4 DLC will be made available for free for everyone.

Despite being 18-months old, with its sequel having been released some time ago, the development of Battlefield 4 is actually continuing at a very steady pace. DICE plans on releasing new maps and even more content in the future.

Currently on tap for release very soon are two night maps, a map that was part of the community test project as well as a few new, though unconfirmed, weapons. There also might be a new game mode in the works, called Gunmaster.

All of those wonderful new additions will be completely free for all owners of Battlefield 4, a change from the premium content model they've previously had in place.

I for one still rather enjoy Battlefield 4 and play it regularly with friends, as opposed to Hardline. The action is still fairly well balanced and I actually like the vehicle combat. More than that, though, is the fact that it's actually still quite popular with more serves available to play on than Battlefield Hardline.

It's good to see games still get support this far out, as well. DICE is really making good on their promise.