Battlefield 2042 Beta “a Few Months Old” Insists DICE as Negative Player Feedback Mounts


The Battlefield 2042 beta kicked off yesterday for those who pre-ordered, and thus far the response has been mixed (and that’s probably a very generous description). The Battlefield subreddit and other forums are awash with complaints, with criticisms ranging from the feel and design of the game, to more fundamental concerns like poor performance and spotty connections.

Broadly speaking, because there are too many complaints to sum up here, many beta players feel Battlefield 2042’s movement is off, the new Specialists system isn’t going over well, and there’s a lack of readability to the battlefield (an issue DICE acknowledged pre-beta). Those gameplay gripes aside, connection issues are common, bugs are widespread, and there are performance issues, particularly on PS5.

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There’s also the issue of bots. While a potentially-exciting addition to Battlefield, players are ending up on servers where bots outnumber real players and those AIs are behaving strangely in game.

It seems EA and DICE may have foreseen some of the complaints about the Battlefield 2042 beta, because they had an explanation in their back pocket – the beta build is “a few months old.”

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A blog post on the Battlefield website further promises DICE has implemented “numerous improvements” since they broke off the beta build…

Since the time we branched the build for Open Beta, we’ve implemented numerous improvements into the launch build of the game. The shift to November also gave us extra time to improve visual fidelity and stability issues that you may experience during the Open Beta. We’re on track for worldwide launch on November 19th, and early access on November 12th, when players will have full access to All-Out Warfare, Portal, and Hazard Zone.

It seems EA and DICE are hell-bent on delivering Battlefield 2042 this year, so hopefully they can deliver a decently-polished product by launch. Clearly, the hunger for a new modern Battlefield was very strong and it seemed like this was the franchise’s time to shine. This could go down as one of gaming’s great missed opportunities if the game is a mess at launch.

Battlefield 2042 launches on PC, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, PS4, and PS5 on November 19. The game’s beta will continue until October 9.