Battlefield 2042 4.0 Update Finally Adds Voice Chat, But Only with Parties and Squads

Battlefield 2042

Battlefield 2042 version 4.0 drops tomorrow, and as implied by the round number, it’s a fairly big one. The headline feature is the long-awaited arrival of voice chat (yes, the game didn’t have that until now), although you’ll only be able to talk with those in your party or squad. Other changes include further tweaks to the Battlefield 2042's redesigned scoreboard and a fairly major overhaul of the game’s weapon attachment system. You can get a rundown of the major new features included in the update, below.

Battlefield 2042
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VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) is now available in Battlefield 2042. There are two voice chat channels to choose between: Party and Squad. Settings for VoIP can be adjusted via Options > Sound/Voice > Chat while in-game.


In Update 3.3 we released the UI refresh for the Scoreboard. Following this update this UI refresh will now also be available during the End of Round screens.

Weapon Attachments

With Update 4.0 we’ve overhauled the behavior of many weapon attachments to ensure that their impact when customizing your weapons is unique, and noticeable. Previously, some attachments had effects that were too similar from others, and it was unclear what the impact on your weapons would be when switching between them.

  • A - Warhawk Compensator
    • Update 3.3: improved horizontal recoil control, reduced vertical recoil control
    • Update 4.0: improved recoil control, reduced weapon accuracy
  • B - Rattlesnake Light Grip
    • Update 3.3: improved accuracy while moving, reduced accuracy while static
    • Update 4.0: increased hipfire accuracy, reduced accuracy while ADS
  • C - Maul Hybrid 1.5X-3X
    • ADS speed decreased in 4.0
    • Zoom levels and Optics toggle options persist
  • D - Subsonic Rounds
    • Base recoil reduced in 4.0
    • Reduced Muzzle Flash visibility
    • Decreased projectile velocity

Further changes to Weapon Attachments:

  • Factory and Extended Barrel descriptions now display the correct fire rate changes
  • Weapon modifiers are now correctly applied when swapping attachments while the bipod is equipped
  • Fixed an issue that would cause the 40mm Grenade Launcher attachment to hit an invisible wall when fired indoors
  • Fixed an issue which would grant unlimited ammo if magazine attachments were toggled in between firing the underbarrel attachment
  • Fixed some weapons displaying wrong ammo counts for specific magazines
  • Adding and removing attachments in the Plus Menu will now always correctly apply their statistic changes
  • Underbarrel activations such as flashlights and laser sights will no longer be reset after getting revived
  • Bipod attachments will no longer toggle on and off while reloading
  • The ADS time on the BKS 8X now matches that of other scope attachments
  • Adjusted the size of the DD Holo scope to bring it in line with other scopes
  • Reduced blur on the Ghost Hybrid scope
  • Some underbarrel attachments should no longer have a shared ammo pool
  • The Maul Hybrid and the Ghost Hybrid now correctly displays both scope zoom levels in the Collection screen
  • The Fusion Holo attachment no longer clips through the meshes on the following weapons: AK-24, LCMG, PP-29 and the SFAR-M GL
  • Fixed clipping issues with the camera when the Fusion Holo optic is equipped while ADS

The new update also includes a long list of fixes and tweaks to Battlefield 2042’s maps, weapons, gadgets, UI, and more. You can check out the full, unabridged patch notes for Battlefield 2042 ver. 4.0, right here.

Battlefield 2042 can be played on PC, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, PS4, and PS5. Version 4.0 drops tomorrow (April 19). EA and DICE have committed to updating and improving the game over the coming months, with Season 1 content not kicking off until this summer.

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