Battlefield 1 Beta Doesn’t Require PlayStation Plus Subscription, But Xbox Live Gold is Needed


Starting today, Battlefield 1 will be available for all PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One users to play via an open beta phase. While the in-game content like weapons and map will be the same across all platforms, there is one particular thing that makes beta version of the upcoming World War 1 shooter slightly more special on Sony’s eighth generation video game console. Yep, PlayStation 4 players can enjoy the game even if they are not PlayStation Plus subscribers. Xbox One players, however, have to be Xbox Live Gold members to enter the battleground.

PlayStation 4 Players Do Not Need a PlayStation Plus Account to Play Battlefield 1 Open Beta

The news comes from the official Battlefield Twitter account, where the team responded to a fan query, confirming that PlayStation 4 players are not required to be members of Sony’s paid digital media entertainment service in order to participate in Battlefield 1’s open multiplayer beta. Nothing same was said for Xbox sides of things, so it means those planning to play the beta on Xbox One will need to have Xbox Live Gold membership.

Of course, don't forget that you will need to be PlayStation Plus subscribers if you wish to play Battlefield 1 online multiplayer when the game comes releases this October. Electronic Arts has not yet confirmed when the open beta will come to an end. Those who are participating will be able to experience two playable modes: Conquest (64 players) and Rush (24 players), both set in Sinai Desert map, which features horses, planes, train and dynamic weather.

Battlefield 1 comes out on October 21 for PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. The game will have early-access period on all platforms, but Xbox One players will be able to get their hands on it even sooner via EA Access. DICE and Electronic Arts have already announced four major expansions packs for the game, the first of which, titled They Shall Not Pass, will be available in March 2017, and will introduce the French army.

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