Gets Its Biggest Update in Years with Major Layout and Accessibility Improvements

Nathan Birch
BlizzCon BlizzConline is one of the oldest PC gaming services around, far predating the likes of Steam or Epic, but Blizzard hasn’t done much to freshen up their storefront or launcher in some time. Well, that changes now, as Blizzard has announced they’re beginning to roll out their most significant update in years. This refresh, which has been in beta for some time now, will improve navigation and layout, make it easier to connect to friends, add an array of new accessibility options, and more. You can get a sense of what the new looks like in the screenshots below (click on the images for full resolution).

Here’s an official rundown on the features coming to

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Overwatch 2 Aims to Fix Progression, Make Support More Fun; Pre-Paid Phones Now Accepted has been a huge part of our history going back to the release of the original Diablo in 1996. We’re proud of how it’s helped people connect and play Blizzard games together quickly and easily. With the latest release, we want to welcome players of all ability levels and make sure they have a smooth time navigating the app. You’ll see some major changes when your client’s patched from the live version of to the new version:

  • Improved navigation and layout -- you can now favorite your games and arrange them for ease of access.
  • A much more expansive layout for news and game content in full-page view
  • A revamped social pane so you can better see your friends and what they’re up to on each game tab.
  • Major accessibility improvements -- we’ve added the ability to navigate most of the app with your keyboard, increased our screen reader support, and improved the color contrast
  • A new, consolidated notifications hub for messages and download status

The update ought to start rolling out to players in North America today, and will roll out to the rest of the world “in the weeks ahead.”

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