Barrowch Releases Intel LGA 1200 Compatible Water Block With 2-Inch HDMI Screen


China brand Barrowch, a sub-brand to parent company Barrow, has launched the new FBLTHD-04N water block for Intel CPUs. What is innovative about Barrowch's water block is that it has a 2.9-inch LCD display that features a resolution of 1440 x 1400 and an HDMI input. It also features aRGB lighting, controlled synchronously or asynchronously through control of the user, which is a more standard feature among specialty manufacturers like Barrowch.

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The FBLTHD-04N water block has a five volt micro USB connection that powers the display, showcasing an high contrast ratio of 1100:1. The display also features a refresh rate of 60Hz. The display's functionality allows the user to display such information like AIDA64 monitoring software, all completed by a custom template provided by any system developer.

Barrowch's new water block is decked with a copper-nickel plate and G1/4 inch threads for loop connections through the watercooler. The block is adorned in either silver or black, depending on which one the consumer prefers. It is compatible with both Intel LGA115X series and LGA1200 series sockets. The panel is manufactured by CNC integral processing and treated with anode technology.

Barrowch does inform customers that when changing the installation direction of their water block, users can alter the direction of the display as well to fit the situation. They also recommend to install the water block immediately after connecting the cables so that it does not interfere with any sizing issues in the system. The HDMI screen is extremely fragile, so users will need to have a delicate hand when installing or adjusting Barrowch's water block.

Consumers can purchase the FBLTHD-04N CPU water block through Barrowch's website for around ¥972, or $150.

Source: Barrowch