Bandai Namco Will Continue To Steadly Support The Nintendo Switch In The Coming Months

Francesco De Meo
Nintendo Switch Pro

Many of the publishers who have supported the Nintendo Switch so far are still not entirely sure of wanting to continue supporting the console in the future. Others, on the other hand, seem to have faith in Nintendo. Among them is Japanese publisher Bandai Namco.

In the summary of the latest Bandai Namco financial report, the Japanese publisher clearly states that they will continue to support the Nintendo Switch in the coming months with multiple titles. As of now, only two titles have been announced, One Piece Unlimited World Red and Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2, both ports of games already available on other formats, so there's the chance that more will be announced soon.

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As already mentioned, not all publishers are sure to continue supporting the Nintendo Switch. Among them is EA, which is waiting to see how FIFA 18 will do on the market before committing further.

“What I will say is, we will appear on any platform where there are consumers, and players. We believe that we want to be a part of the Switch, and help Nintendo grow that installed base; that’s why you’ll see FIFA, which by the way is really good this year. It’s a full-fledged FIFA game, for the first time to be honest, on a portable device.”

“But at the same time we have to look at it from a resource standpoint and, at some point, the numbers become a factor. So for us it’s about supporting the platform, building technology for the platform, testing it out with big things like FIFA – and maybe a couple of others, we’ll see – and if they go well, I see no reason why we shouldn’t have as much of our portfolio on that platform as possible. I hope we get there, that would be my personal ambition.”

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