Bandai Namco Opens Little Nightmares Teaser Website, Full Reveal Coming Next Week


A few weeks ago, Bandai Namco revealed that a new IP for Western audiences is going to be revealed during Gamescom, which will be held next week in Cologne, Germany. Not much else has been said about this new IP since, but today something new on the matter has emerged online.

A few hours ago, Bandai Namco launched a Little Nightmares teaser website, which asks players to solve some simple puzzle to reveal more of what the publisher is teasing. Additional puzzles will be made available in the following days. A full reveal has also been confirmed for Gamescom next week with a brand new image.

Little Nightmares 2

Some users, however, might have already discovered what this Little Nightmares actually is. A game with the same name was in development by Swedish team Roboed Games, a horror game featuring plenty of puzzles and an unsettling premise.

‘Little Nightmares’ is a horror game played as a schizophrenic eight year old kid named Jacob. The game is set in Jacobs home, where you need puzzle-solving skills and nerves of steel in order to progress through the seemingly big building.

There are things lurking in the house. Things that only a kids imagination could ever dream up, only, for Jacob they’re true, and can physically hurt him. Hide. Run. Hide. Run. Be quiet. They’ll hear you.

What we want to give you – The players

We want to give you want other horror games failed to give – An immersive experience that terrifies you to the soul while still maintaining smooth gameplay mechanics in an amazing setting.

It's still too soon to know if Bandai Namco's Little Nightmares is indeed the same game in development by Roboed Games, but it won't take long to know the truth, so stay tuned for all the latest news about the new Bandai Namco's IP.