Bad News For Nexus 6 Users On AT&T – Company Might Recall Devices

Ramish Zafar

All those who purchased Google's Nexus 6 and Nexus 9 tablet got to enjoy Android Lollipop before other Android users. But looks like AT&T users are in for some back luck as a new problem has surfaced in Nexus 6 devices sold under the carrier. The problem relates to some software present on initial Nexus 6 units shipped by the carrier and is causing devices to crash and stop working unexpectedly.

bloatAT&T Customization Software On The Nexus 6 Allegedly Creating Device Problems.

According to a leaked memo (pictured above) the carrier is expected to exchanged devices affected by the issue. The problem leads to the screen on Nexus 6 devices turning black and can also affect network connectivity issues on the device. As mentioned above, only the initial batch of Nexus 6 devices shipped to AT&T has been affected and more interestingly display units have not been affected by AT&T bloatware.

Motorola is working on shipments with the correct software and these can be expected to reach AT&T within the next couple of days. The carrier has also been told that it may continue sales of the device under the direct fulfillment process. Nexus 6 units sold by AT&T have some minor branding and bloatware present on them.

An AT&T logo is present at the bottom rear of the AT&T Nexus 6. In addition to this, you end up encountering AT&T's logo as soon as you turn the Nexus 6 on, after the device displays Google's logo. Also, additional softwares are present on the device. These are myAT&T, an app from the carrier for customer billing and account and AT&T live, which is an app that works in co-ordination with Yahoo! to provide you with latest news and content. Granted, these two combined end up taking around 20 mb of space on the Nexus 6, yet several users are complaining that they end up affecting the device's 'purity'. Let us know what you think in the comments section.

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