Babylon’s Fall Trailer Shows off Fresh Platinum Games Action, Game is Coming to PS5


Babylon’s Fall has been one of the most speculated-over projects of the past few years. Since being announced at E3 2018 we haven’t seen much of the new Platinum Games action RPG, with the new last trailer coming in late 2019. Platinum occasionally pops up to assure fans that the game is still proceeding well behind the scenes, but very little in the way of actual evidence has been provided to prove that.

Well, today during the Square Enix Presents E3 Summer Showcase, we finally got a new glimpse of Babylon’s Fall. The “painterly” look seen in past trailers continues on here, and may have even been amped up, and the action looks as intense and frenetic as always. The developers at Platinum Games are also really emphasizing that this is designed to be a live service game, with players tackling missions and steadily climbing Babylon’s Tower in order to improve their characters with better gear. But enough of my preamble – check out the latest trailer for Babylon’s Fall, below.

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Eager to try out Babylon’s Fall? Square Enix and Platinum Games will be holding a series of betas, which you can sign up for here.

Ahead of the release of Babylon’s Fall, we will be holding a Closed Beta Test to conduct operational and stress tests of the game. The Closed Beta Test will be divided into 3 phases. Each phase will have different testing goals, and additional platforms will be added at different phases.

Test play results and player feedback received during the Closed Beta Test will be reviewed by our development and operations teams to improve Babylon’s Fall. We hope that you will take part in this test, share your feedback, and help make this game the best it can be.

Babylon’s Fall director Kenji Saito provided some details on what the beta will include…

I think of this Closed Beta Test as the first step in bringing PlatinumGames’ signature slick action gameplay to an online multiplayer experience. We have limited the scope of playable content for the Closed Beta Test, and the story and certain game features won’t be accessible yet. Because of this, testers may get the impression that the game feels a little simple or barebones. We hope you understand that we will be prioritizing testing the technical aspects of the game first, so that the game can be enjoyed as an online multiplayer action game. From there we’ll add more features and content depending on the progress we make in the Closed Beta Test.

Babylon’s Fall is coming to PC, PS4, and as just announced, the PS5.