AYANEO NEXT 2 Handheld Consoles Feature AMD Ryzen 7000 CPU & Next-Gen Discrete GPU

Jason R. Wilson
Image source: AYANEO, J. Wilson, Wccftech.

AYANEO has made a large following since its initial release in the land of gaming handhelds where it competes with Valve's Steam Deck and surpassed other foreign gaming systems from companies like One-Netbook's OneXPlayer and AOKZOE. The company announced the newest AYANEO NEXT version, offering a sleeker design and AMD's latest Ryzen 7000 CPUs. Interestingly, the company has yet to announce the "discrete graphics" used in the system. Included in their announcement is also the KUN handheld console, which has little in the way of details in today's announcements.

AYANEO NEXT 2 offers familiar ground for handheld gamers looking for a Steam Deck alternative, boasting AMD Ryzen 7000 CPU & The "next-gen discrete graphics"

AYANEO NEXT 2 handheld console retains the same design with slight changes from the previous generation. The company has taken a few notes from the Steam Deck and its construction & design to allow for more opportunities with the new AYANEO NEXT 2 handheld. Below is the advertising that came with the original AYANEO NEXT system last year.

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The company improved the thumb sticks to make them more embedded into the frame and swayed from the cross design of the directional pad to a more circular design. Towards the bottom of the front is two thumb pads, similar to what is seen on the Valve handheld. Other aesthetic changes have changed to optimize the experience.

The AYANEO NEXT 2 will feature an 8-inch screen and the processing power of the "next-gen" AMD Ryzen 7000 CPU. However, we have yet to determine the exact model being used for specifics. Additionally, the company does not discuss the graphics processor being used and will only announce that the AYANEO NEXT 2 will offer "new discrete graphics". The AMD Ryzen 7000 mobile CPU lineup features anywhere from Vega to RDNA 2 and RDNA 3 GPU cores but it is likely that the company is referring to the newer and more enhanced RDNA 3 chip which will be featured on the Ryzen 7045 'Phoenix' chips.

Along with the announcement of the AYANEO NEXT 2 (or NEXT II — the official tweet mentions both monikers for the new model), it also shows two images with the wording KUN, which is considered a gender-neutral name in some Chinese cultures that means "earth." This would go along with the two advertisements and could also hint at the colorways that will appear once the company officially announces the new system.

News Sources: VideoCardz, AYANEO on Twitter

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