Microsoft Begins Auto-Installing Windows 10 1903 on 1803 Machines That Are “Likely to Have a Good Update Experience”

Rafia Shaikh
windows 10 forced update

Microsoft is now letting users delay Windows 10 updates for up to 35 days. However, the company did also add that it will push updates automatically when the current version of the OS running on a machine is about to hit its end of service deadline. It appears the process is beginning today for users running the April 2018 Update.

Last month, Microsoft wrote:

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We are now beginning to build and train the machine learning (ML) based rollout process to update devices running the April 2018 Update, and earlier versions of Windows 10, to ensure we can continue to service these devices and provide the latest updates, security updates and improvements.

In a latest update, the Windows maker said that it is now "initiating" the process for customers "with devices that are at or nearing end of service and have not yet updated their device." The company added that the process will now start for Home and Pro editions running the April 2018 Update.

Based on the large number of devices running the April 2018 Update, that will reach the end of 18 months of service on November 12, 2019, we are starting the update process now for Home and Pro editions to help ensure adequate time for a smooth update process.

Microsoft: complete rollout after known issues have been resolved

Microsoft assured that the company is prioritizing the devices that are "likely to have a good update experience" and then expand the update process to other devices after addressing the known issues.

A huge number of Windows 10 users are still running version 1803 (April 2018 Update) because the October 2018 Update was a chaotic mess and people are having a hard time trusting the latest version. Note that you will still have to up to 35 days to choose a time of convenience, but after that it will be time to say goodbye to the April 2018 Update, the fastest adopted Windows 10 version, and say hello to the May 2019 Update, whether you like it or not.

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