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Too Many Things Getting Out of Control? Get the S5 Max Robovac on Discount & Automate Home Cleaning


COVID-19 seems to have us all out of sorts. With some governments putting entire towns in lockdowns, stocks tumbling, major tech companies encouraging their employees to work from home, and videos over videos teaching us how to wash hands and clean homes properly, the pressure of dealing with this global pandemic has only just begun. But, there's at least one thing that you can automate and stop worrying about... home cleaning.

Roborock has been producing industry-leading smart vacuum cleaners for several years now, with every new iteration delivering better control and more functions to help you automate the mundane and yet crucial task for cleaning.

Its latest voice-controlled Roborock S5 Max released over the holiday season brings a renewed focus to mopping with a bigger tank. The company has introduced an electric water tank with precision laser mapping and advanced navigation that enables S5 Max users to select from a range of customization options including water flow, suction power, scheduled cleaning, and even the room cleaning sequence.

Roborock S5 Max: bigger tank, better cleaning, more uses, less upkeep

Potentially the best thing about S5 Max is its tank size. You don't have to fill it for every mopping session as the extra-large water tank size means you can have mopped floors day after day. S5 Max robot vacuum cleaner can hold enough water to mop a 700 sqft apartment three times or a 2,000 sqft home in one go.

The spring-loaded mop also ensures proper cleaning of all types of surfaces by adjusting pressure accordingly. S5 Max also brings the usual features now expected from Roborock. These include:

  • High-precision laser navigation (300RPM)
  • Intuitive self-charging
  • Ability to set no-go zones and virtual walls
  • Selective room cleaning
  • Powerful suction: (an pick up the toughest dirt as heavy as AA batteries even with a full bin)
  • Voice controlled through Amazon Alexa and Google Home
  • Easy maintenance
  • Automatically switches to maximum power when cleaning carpet
  • Eco-friendly: washable air filter and mop pad extends lifetime use of these items
  • Big water tank (290ml)

Roborock S5 Max officially sells for $599 in the United States, but the company is currently offering a $50 discount on its very latest smart vacuum cleaner. Check it out now via Walmart and enjoy this discount.

If you have always considered switching to a robovac, now is the time to automate your home cleaning and focus on other worries - which unfortunately just don't seem to be ending.

Roborock S5 Max specs sheet

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