Apple Might Not Have Given Up On The 4 Inch iPhone It Seems


Well here's something that's been missing from the rumor mill for a while. While even the great Apple took the plunge last year and announced iPhones with larger screen sizes, that didn't stop speculation suggesting that the 4 inch iPhone was indeed in the works. We've heard quite a bit of news about the device over the past couple of months, and have even seen alleged parts leak of the fabled device. But credible analysts have debunked any chances for a smaller screened iPhone from the Cupertino manufacturer. That doesn't stop rumors from popping up though, and today we've got some more for you.

AUO Amongst Companies To Be Supplying 4 Inch Display Panels For The iPhone

According to UDN, looks like the 4 inch iPhone just might not be as dead as you'd think. While the device sounds unlikely, Apple surely does have a soft corner when it comes to small screened devices. Touting the mantra of easy usage and accessibility the Cupertino manufacturer took a long time to increase screen size on the iPhone. And now, AUO from Taiwan is rumored to be supplying 4 inch displays for the iPhone. But here's the catch, the components are expected to be supplied by Q1 2016, meaning that even if today's information is correct, we won't be seeing such a device this year at least.

Moreover, AUO will not be the only supplier for 4 inch display panels to Apple. A variety of other manufacturers from South Korea to China are being said to be involved as well. So while there's nothing for sure yet, the 4 inch iPhone just might not be as dead you think. If there's any truth to these rumors, we'll find out over the course of time. Till then, all eyes on Apple on September for the iPhone 6S Duo. Stay tuned, and let us know what you think in the comments section.