AUKEY’s 5-in-1 USB-C Hub is Also a Wireless Charger, Available for Just $22 Today

Uzair Ghani
AUKEY USB-C hub with wireless charger just $22

AUKEY’s 5-in-1 USB-C hub which doubles up as a wireless charger is currently down to just $22. All you have to do is enter a discount code, that’s it.

AUKEY USB-C Hub with Built-in Wireless Charger Is Just $22 Today, Enter Our Special Code For Discount

There are so many different types of USB-C hubs available that almost all of them will prove to be useful in some way. Some even more, like this AUKEY 5-in-1 USB-C hub. And currently it’s just $22 which makes it a superb deal and one you should take advantage of instantly.

At first glance, this offering for AUKEY looks like any standard USB-C hub. You get two full-sized USB-A ports, an HDMI port and a USB-C port. But that’s the usual stuff which you can expect from any hub, right? Here comes the best part: the top of the hub is actually a Qi wireless charger. Just place your phone on top and you will be charging your compatible phone instantly.

This USB-C hub supports pass-through charging of up to 60W which means your MacBook Pro or MacBook Air will charge up at full speed as long as you have a powerful USB PD adapter connected.

In order to get the discount, all you have to do is this: enter the special discount code at checkout, which is highlighted in bold below.

Buy AUKEY USB C Hub Adapter with Wireless Charger 5-in-1 Type-C Hub - Was $50, now just $22 using discount code D29468C2

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