AUKEY’s $10 18W USB Power Delivery Wall Charger is an Insane Deal No One Should Miss Today


AUKEY's 18W USB Power Delivery wall adapter is discounted to just $10 and it will fast charge an iPhone, iPad or even an Android device for a fraction of the price compared to official accessories.

As the world is transitioning towards USB-C, our power related needs are getting an upgrade too. Pretty much everything these days supports the USB Power Delivery standard, allowing devices to be charged at up to 100W. But of course, a phone or tablet does not need that much power and most of them peak out at 18W.

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In fact, the latest iPhone lineup, iPad Pro and even most Android devices with USB-C top out at a rate of 18W. This is where products like the AUKEY USB Power Delivery wall adapter shine to the maximum. See, for just $10 after discount, you're getting a product that not only gets the job done, but does it fast. For comparison sake, Apple sells an 18W USB-C power adapter for a price of $29, and both of these chargers will top up a dead iPhone from zero to fifty percent in just 30 minutes.


The charger on sale from AUKEY is not an ordinary run of the mill Power Delivery charger. This accessory is fully compliant with the USB Power Delivery 3.0 standard, meaning that it is brand new inside out and conforms to the latest standards of delivering power while keeping everything nice and safe during the process.

If you are interested, just head over to the link below and pick one of these chargers up for yourself. Don't forget to enter the discount code in order to bring the price down to just $10. Hurry up before they sell out super fast!

Buy AUKEY USB C Charger with 18W Power Delivery 3.0, Ultra-Compact USB C Wall Charger - Was $26, now just $10 using discount code FLI5HVBI

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