AT&T Branded Motorola Flipout makes a debut on eBay


Though Motorola has been hush about the Flipout, there has been news that the Flipout has been released but not to any vendor or carrier of course you can find this item on eBay for a very attractive price tag of only $388 which is apparently a lesser price to pay than one you would have gotten on a contract the Android 2.1 capable device comes bearing

  • 3 Megapixel Digital image sensor
  • 600 Mhz Texas Instruments OMAP 3410 processor
  • 2.8" screen with 256K colors TFT screen
  • resolution of 240 x 320
  • sideways rotation with QWERTY keyboard
  • Lithium ION battery at 1130mAh
  • Expandable storage of up to 32GB
  • MOTOBlur for better syncing to sites and devices
  • Kodak’s PerfectTouch technology that enhances clarity and colour in captured photo

With all these great features in a phone Motorola has really out done them selves although the screen could have been I am not one to complain against such great work done on it, Although there is no official release date yet the phone was supposed to come on Verizon first.

Whoever does buy the phone might face problems getting support for this phone considering its not supposed to officially released but hey owning something unique is always a great thing right?

Source: EnGadget