Asus X58 LGA1366 motherboards to support Intel Gulftown processors

Abdullah Saad

Today ASUS has announced that with a BIOS upgrade, a wide selection of its already released motherboards will be able to handle the Socket LGA1366 six-core 32nm Bloomfield (Core i7) derivative, code-named Gulftown. With 12MB of cache and Hyper-Threading enabled, these 12 thread monsters are going to be able to handle a massive load of simultaneous data processing.

With the following ASUS motherboards (already released), updated to the specified BIOS version, you'll be all set to use a Gulftown:

P6X58D Premium (0222)
P6TD Deluxe (0209)
P6T Deluxe V2 (0704)
P6T Deluxe (1804)
P6T SE (0608)
P6T (0904)
Rampage II Extreme (1639)
Rampage II Gene (1033)

The announcement coincides with expected first public showing of Intel's new Gulftown chips at this year's Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, early next month. Information on, one of which has already been leaked here.

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