ASUS Shows Off The ROG Bezel-Free Kit For A Bezel-Less Multi-Monitor Experience

The ASUS ROG Bezel-Free Kit is a universal monitor design that is compatible with flat monitors under 27 inches with a four-sided frameless or slim-bezel design. The Optical micro-structures refract light, bending it inward to hide the bezel underneath. This kit is an accessory that enables gamers with multiple-monitor setups to eliminate gaps where the displays connect, allowing users to create the appearance of one extra-large wraparound monitor for immersive gameplay experience.

The Universal Design offers compatibility with a wide variety of thin-bezel monitors

The ROG Bezel-Free Kit is easy to install, the custom clips hold the monitors together at the top and bottom of each seam, aligning them at the correct angle. The kit is just three parts per seem, the two clips and lens that sits between them. This kit works with flat monitors under 27 inches with a four-sided frameless or slim-bezel design; each monitor's bezel width cannot exceed 13 mm. The monitor's positions may need to be adjusted for your normal viewing distance and position to achieve the best possible visual performance. Sadly, this Bezel-Free kit is not designed for general computing tasks, like web browsing, but is specifically designed to increase the immersion during gaming.

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This kit is gamer-focused design, and this product is perfect for first-person shooting, airplane, and racing games for a seamless multi-monitor setup.

The Optical micro-structures

The lenses in the ROG Bezel-Free kit are made from PET, which is a type of transparent thermoplastic that is significantly more durable than glass. PET also lets 90% of the light from the monitors shine through, making the picture under the lenses dimmer than the rest of the display, but just slightly. This kit is designed to work at a 130-degree angle, which has been determined through internal testing to offer the best balance of both comfort and immersion.

The ASUS ROG Bezel-Free Kit is now available on Amazon for $109.00, and the items' overall dimensions are 17 x 4.92 x 2.95 inches. Inside the box, there are four clips, two lenses, and one angle measurement tool. ASUS has stated that this item works best with these monitors VG245H, VG245HE, VG248QG, VG258Q, VG258QR, VG259Q, VG259QM, VG278Q, VG278QR, VG279Q, VG279QM, VG27AQ, VG27BQ, MG248QR, PG248Q, PG258Q, PG278QR, PG279Q, PG279QZ, and PG27AQ.


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