ASUS Officially Launches the 1000Mhz Core Clocked Radeon HD7970 DirectCU II TOP Graphics Card


ASUS has officially launched its Radeon HD7970 DirectCU II Top Graphics card which as the name suggests features the DirectCU II heatsink along with a 1000Mhz Stock Factory Core clock.

The ASUS Radeon HD7970 DirectCU II is powered by AMD's latest 28nm Tahiti Core which packs a tremendous 2048 Stream Processors, 128 Texture Units, 32ROPs and a 3GB GDDR5 (384-bit) memory. ASUS pumped up the frequencies of the card to 1000Mhz Core and 1400Mhz (5.6Ghz Effective) Memory clock speeds, The best part is that there's still room for additional overclocking thanks to the ASUS DIGI+ VRM 12-phase digital power delivery coupled with Super Alloy Power components which are a treat for hardware enthusiasts around!

With monstrous performance comes additional power and temperature loads, The DirectCU II heatsink is a perfect solution for that feature a three slot high design packing a large aluminum fin array block which cools specific areas on the board by dissipating heat with the help of  six all-copper heatpipes and 20% bigger dissipation area, achieving 20% cooler and 14dB quieter performance than reference. Display outputs include 4 Full length Display ports and  two DVI ports to allow for Six Screen Eyefinity display.

ASUS also included additional overclocking friendly features such as Voltage measurement points, VGA Hotwiring for voltmods and ASUS's own GPU-Tweak utility which is bundled. The card is available for $599, For more information, Go to this page.