ASUS Chimera Gaming Laptop Boasts a 144Hz Refresh Rate and 4.30GHz Clock Speed Out of the Box

Omar Sohail
ASUS Chimea gaming laptop

A 17.3-inch Chimea gaming laptop from ASUS will definitely get some fingers pointing and though the latest product is not as humongous as Acer’s Predator 21X gaming laptop, it has some very powerful internals that will make it a true gamer’s delight. It also comes with a 144Hz panel, making gaming performance extra smooth.

ASUS Chimera Gaming Laptop Features a GTX 1080 GPU and an Overclockable Processor Paired With Other Powerful Internals

ASUS claims that the Chimera features a 144Hz panel with a 7ms response time. The gaming laptop has also donned a GTX 1080 GPU underneath the hood running at a clock speed of 1,974MHz. Though the manufacturer has not released a full list of specifications of the machine, we will provide whatever information we can. The processor is an i7-7820K and can max out at a clock speed of 4.30GHz.

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Another thing that is interesting to note is that the notebook features a built-in Xbox Wireless feature that allows gamers to pair their Xbox controller to their Windows 10 machine without requiring another adapter to pair the two devices together.

Looking at the image, we’re assuming that ASUS is retaining the same chassis and cramming other powerful internals in the machine. A 17.3-inch gaming machine housing all of those internals is not going to come cheap, but ASUS has yet to provide details on pricing and availability.

If a GTX 1080 is powering this beast, then we can rest assure that the Chimera is going to retail for upwards of $2,000. If that does happen to be the case, then we can also configure it to feature 64GB of DDR4 RAM and PCIe-based solid state storage.

We will wait for ASUS to provide a full list of details for the Chimera but let us know if that 144Hz display with a 7ms delay time sounds sweet to you down in the comments.

News Source: ASUS

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