Asteroids: Outpost Finally Available Through Steam Early Access


Asteroids: Outpost has finally arrived as an Early Access title on Steam. While the Steam page has been populated with placeholder information, you can now purchase access to it and even play the early build.

Asteroids: Outpost is finally available for purchase and play through Steam Early Access, for $19.79 until April 2nd.

Asteroids: Outpost was a surprise to everyone, I think. All of a sudden, out of seemingly nowhere, Atari decides they want to re-imagine one of their most iconic historical games. And you can now access it in its earliest of forms. They're even running a deal right now until April 2nd for $19.79.

The game is set in the future where you'll be placed in the role of a deep space explorer tasked with whatever your heart desires. Prospect the lands before you for resources, build an army, craft weapons and armor and destroy anyone who comes in your path. It's an interesting setting and an interesting environment.

Of course please keep in mind that it is indeed an early build and will most certainly have it's problems. There's no telling what kind of bugs or other issues will crop up, but if they do, then just make sure that you do your due diligence and report those issues to Atari. That's the point of the Early Access, right? To provide a medium for play testing and fixing things throughout the development cycle.

It's fantastic to see Atari using the Early Access platform like this. Similar to what Stardock is doing for their well made Galactic Civilization III, Atari has the chance to really make this game great by using the resources that Early Access provides. Perhaps, then, their lack of a schedule for when they're going to release the game from the bounds of Early Access is a good sign. It'll be in beta until they're ready to release it. They've even told Gamespot just how important they think this opportunity is.

"As a socially driven, multiplayer, survival experience it is essential that we design game content that accounts for the way our users actually play," Atari said. "We've built this world, we've packed it with incredibly fun mechanics, and now we need YOU to help bring it all to life."

If Asteroids: Outpost is something you're interested in and this type of game tickles your fancy, then head on over to the Steam store to check out what it haves to offer.