AsRock and BMW debuts M8 – The Unstoppable Mini-ATX Masterpiece

Usman Pirzada

We never think of mini-ATX builds as powerful, and the reason is quite simple: they usually are not. However AsRock has teamed up with BMW DesignWorks USA to deliver one  hell of a mini-ATX Gaming Rig: the M8. The M8 doesnt lack in power, it has a discrete gpu in fact, and its aesthetics are simply unparalleled.

Introducing Asrock and BMW's M8 - The Mini-ATX Champion with a dGPU and Great Aesthetics

I don't need to tell you how nice the aesthetics on this mini-ATX machine are, looking like something out of an Iron Man movie, the M8 delivers both performance and beauty.

"If you're on the hunt for a computer that is not merely capable of running all of the latest hardcore PC games on maximum performance, but also decorated in such sophisticated appearance that it constitutes your right to be a gamer no matter how old you get, then ASRock and BMW Group DesignworksUSA has the perfect answer for you! Gamers beware, the long anticipated Intel 8 Series gaming rig M8 is hitting the markets!"

The M8 will pack a mini-ATX Z87 motherboard, Haswell CPU and dual slot PCI-E Expansions slot. No CPU Cooler is included so you will need to buy that yourself albiet a low profile one. The M8 is basically a barebones gaming rig so gamers will have complete control and customization options over which components go inside their mini-ATX beast.

The M8 Features Efficent Cooling Design and "A-Command"

The A Command is basically an OLED Display with a control knob that has multiple uses, ranging from volume control to system information and display. One more example of the futuristic design the M8 Gaming Rig features.

A-Command with G-Sensor adds more convenience with its OLED display for users to tune or check the system's stats without connecting an additional monitor.

Theres no word on price yet, but considering this is a bare bones system the M8's price should vary depending on build.


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