ASRock Adds AMD Ryzen 5000 Desktop CPU Support To Five More X370 Motherboards


ASRock is further expanding the list of X370 motherboards that are officially compatible with AMD Ryzen 5000 Desktop CPUs with the latest BIOS.

ASRock Adds Official AMD Ryzen 5000 Desktop CPU Support To More X370 Motherboards

Last month, ASRock became the first motherboard manufacturer to release the official non-BETA AMD Ryzen 5000 Desktop CPU BIOS support for its X370 motherboard, the X370 Pro4. Now, the manufacturer is further expanding the BIOS to five of its X370 motherboards which include the following:

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  • Fatal1ty X370 Gaming K4
  • Fatal1ty X370 Gaming X
  • Fatal1ty X370 Professional Gaming
  • X370 Killer SLI/ac
  • X370 Killer SLI
Motherboard Version Build Date Release Date Download
Fatal1ty X370 Gaming K4 7.03 01/24/2022 02/8/2022 Download
Fatal1ty X370 Gaming X 7.03 01/24/2022 02/8/2022 Download
Fatal1ty X370 Professional Gaming 7.03 01/20/2022 02/8/2022 Download
X370 Killer SLI 7.03 01/24/2022 02/8/2022 Download
X370 Killer SLI/ac 7.03 01/24/2022 02/8/2022 Download

With the latest non-BETA BIOS, ASRock will have a total of six X370 motherboards ready to support AMD's existing Ryzen 5000 Desktop CPUs and will also extend support to the upcoming AMD Ryzen 7 5800X3D CPU which launches in a few months.

Once again, there have been BETA BIOS from various board makers in the past but all of them have avoided an official release due to the restrictions imposed by AMD. ASRock also states that the new BIOS will remove support for older CPUs such as the Bristol Ridge lineup but surprisingly retains support for other Ryzen CPUs. Following is the changelog of the BIOS:

1. Support Renoir and Vermeer CPU
2. Remove Bristol Ridge(AMD A-series/Athlon X4 series) CPU support.
ASRock do NOT recommend updating this BIOS if Pinnacle, Raven, Summit or Bristol Ridge CPU is being used on your system.
*Before updating this BIOS, please also read the description in previous BIOS version.

ASRock has stated that it is up to AMD now to handle the situation which means board makers are definitely ready to release their official BIOS's for 300-series motherboards. You definitely are going to lose on some features such as PCIe Gen 4, PBO, and SAM support on the older 300-series motherboards but those aren't that significant in the first place and the added Zen 3 performance on an older CPU platform will definitely be worth it considering that you only need to purchase the chip instead of getting an entirely new platform.