ARMS Testpunch “Warm-Up” Practice Mode Can Be Played At Any Time With A Simple Trick

Francesco De Meo

Last weekend, Switch owners all over the world had the chance to try out the upcoming ARMS thanks to the ARMS Testpunch. Now that the testing period is over, the Testpunch is no longer accessible, but a dedicated user found a way to access the included Practice Mode at any time.

To access the ARMS Testpunch Warm-Up Practice Mode outside of event times, players will need the save data where they have gotten past the tutorial, so if you haven't taken part in the testing, you're out of luck for now.

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I've found a reliable way to play the "Warm-Up" mode accessible from online lobbies when the Testpunch server is offline, so you can practice outside of the event times! You'll need to have save data where you've gotten past the tutorial. (Because you can't access the tutorial unless the server is online, if you haven't been online in the Testpunch yet, you can't use this trick.)

On your Nintendo Switch, go to System Settings -> Internet -> Internet Settings -> [your network] -> Change Settings.
Enable proxy settings, and change the server address to (or some other fake address).
Save, then open the ARMS Global Testpunch.
Select Party Match, select a character, then go to Warm-Up.

You'll be able to play for 2 minutes and 30 seconds before it gives up on trying to connect to the non-existent proxy server and displays an error message. You can just close it and return to Warm-Up. Disable proxy settings from the same place you enabled them (System Settings -> Internet -> Internet Settings -> [your network] -> Change Settings) after you're done to return normal functionality to your Switch.

A video of the trick in action has also been released. You can find it below.

Earlier this year, Dave had the chance to try out ARMS, noting how the game has all the hallmarks of a proper fighting game.

ARMS just could be the next big competitive title for Nintendo, showing the kind of potential that Splatoon has in spades, let’s just hope Nintendo’s online services hold up to the scrutiny of fighting game fans that demand low-latency, because that will make or break Nintendo’s new boxing IP.

ARMS launches on June 16th in all regions exclusively on the Nintendo Switch.

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